Extension of Visa and Re-entry

Extension of visa

  • Eligibility: All the registered international students whose sojourn period is less than 2 months  - Place to apply: Incheon Immigration Office
  • Place to apply: Incheon Immigration Office
  • Required documents
    • 1) 1 copy of visa application [Download]
    • 2) 1 copy of passport
    • 3) Alien registration card
    • 4) Application fee (KRW 60,000 Won)
    • 5) Certificate of enrollment and transcripts
    • 6) Receipt of tuition payment
    • 7) Documents proving financial status (*amount must be equivalent to KRW 20,000,000)
    • 8) Documents proving family relations
      ※ For those who submit other's balance statement
    • 9) Proof of residency (e.g rental agreement/housing contract)
      - Note: All international students are required to apply for an extension of visa (sojourn period) 2 months before of the expiration date written on the alien registration card. In the event that this requirement is not met, you will be considered an illegal resident and will be fined and/or deported.


  • If a student is a registered foreigner and plans to return to Korea within a year from the date of departure date, a re-entry permit is exempted.
  • If the period of sojourn is less than a year, a re-entry permit is exempted within the range of remaining period.
  • If students have to get a re-entry permit because of entry restrictions or any other reasons, they must obtain the re-entry permit before departing the country at the Incheon Immigration Office and pay the permit fee.
  • Note: Re-entry permits do not apply to the students whose student visa has been terminated because of a leave of absence, expulsion or graduation.
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