Part-time Employment

Registration of part-time employment

  • Ground Rule: Students may only engage in part-time employment opportunities
  • Eligibility: International students who are D-2 or language training (D-4-1/D4-7) visa holders with permission for employment from the Office of International Affairs
  • Employment time restrictions: Up to 20 hours per week for undergraduate and language training course students
    • - Up to 30 hours per week for graduate school students
    • - Up to 30 hours per week for graduate school students who have completed their required coursework and are currently writing a thesis/dissertation
  • Examples of allowed occupations
    • Translation/Interpreter, Waiter/Waitress, Office Assistant, Tour Guide Assistant, Sales Assistant in a Duty-Free Shop, etc.
  • Procedure
    • 1) Obtain the confirmation of part-time employment [Download]
    • 2) Students fill out the 'Employee' section
    • 3) Employers fill out the 'Place of Employment'
    • 4) Fill out the 'Confirmation from the Person in Charge of International Students' by visiting the Office of International Affairs.
    • 5) Create a membership at
    • 6) Report part-time employment by scanning the form of confirmation for part-time employment.
    • 7) Confirm employment approval (It takes up to 14 days).
    • 8) Start part-time work.

Change of part-time job (workplace)

  • When a student‘s workplace is changed, he or she must report by visiting and filing an application at within 15 days of the date of the change.

Extension for period of part-time work

  • When the permitted period of a student‘s part-time work expires, he or she must get permission by filing an application for extension of the period of part-time job.

Individual restriction of part-time work

  • If a student's latest semester's attendance is 70% or lower or G.P.A. is a C (2.0) or lower, permission for employment can be denied/revoked since the student will be regarded as having difficulty maintaining a job and studying at the same time.
  • If a student fails to register detailed information of the part-time job conditions (workplace, working hours, etc.) or if a student fails to report a change of workplace, he or she will not be allowed to get permission for part-time work.


  • All students must get a part-time job according to the above ground rules and procedures. Note that if a student violates these rules, the student will be susceptible to punishments which include fines and/or deportation.
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