Withdrawal and Readmission

Withdrawal and Readmission

  • Application period: Anytime
  • Required document: 1 copy of application form for withdrawal


  • Obtain the withdrawal form for international students.
    Complete the form and obtain all the necessary signatures from 1) Advising Professor, 2) Dean of the Department, 3) Director of the INU Library (Building No.6), and 4) Office of the International Affairs (Building No.19).
  • Submit the completed form to the Office of Educational Support (Building No.1).
  • Check the result of confirmation through the portal system within 7 days of submission. If there are any inquiries, students should contact the Office of Educational Support (032-835-9227).

Important consideration for when to request a withdrawal

  • Once the request is admitted, students can be returned by requesting readmission.
  • It may take at least 2 - 7 days to complete the request.
    (Students must check the status at 'Registration History (학적변동정보)' of 'Information on Personal Registration (개인학적조회)' on the portal system).
  • Once you request a withdrawal, it cannot be cancelled.
  • For any inquiries, please contact the Office of Educational Support (032-835-9227).

Important consideration after requesting the withdrawal

  • When international students request a withdrawal, their student visa will be disqualified instantly regardless of the expiration date on their alien registration card.
  • Unless international students obtain special permission from the Immigration Office, students must depart the country within 14 days of the reporting date.  
  • If you remain in the country without taking any immigration action after requesting a withdrawal, you can be arrested for illegal overstay which could have serious consequences if you want to visit, study or work in Korea in the future.


  • Application period: Every January/July (For more detailed information, students must check the notice).
  • Required documents: 1) 1 copy of readmission application form, 2) 1 copy of the readmission recommendation (재입학상담의견서), 3) academic transcripts


  • Obtain the readmission application form and readmission recommendation form (재입학상담의견서).
  • Complete the readmission application.
  • Submit the completed readmission recommendation form (재입학상담의견서) signed by the dean of the department through the student’s major department office.
  • Provide an official transcript.
  • Submit all documents to the Office of Educational Support.
  • All applicants must check the notice for their acceptance at the end of the month when the application occurs.

Important considerations when to apply for readmission

  • All international students who plan to apply for readmission must prepare all required documents for themselves by visiting departments as they come to Korea via tourist visa.
  • Note that readmission is not guaranteed.
  • Readmission should be allowed only one time.
  • Since the university doesn't mail any other materials after readmission is accepted, students must check the notice of academics on the homepage.
  • If the student fails to enroll for the term for which he/she has been admitted, the readmission will be cancelled.
  • It is not allowed to leave on the 1st semester once admitted.

Important consideration regarding visas after readmission

  • International students should obtain a student visa again from a Korean Embassy in their    home country before their entry even if they are readmitted.
  • It takes at least a month to reissue a certificate of acceptance and to obtain a student visa. For this reason, all readmitted international students must contact the Office of International Affairs (032-835-9584) once they find out they are accepted. 
  • Be aware that it is not allowed to change a tourist visa into a student visa. For this reason, international students must get their student visa before entry.
  • If you violate the above information, you could face serious consequences (e.g. denied entry into the nation at the airport or denial in changing your visa status at the Immigration Office).
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